“I Built This, Mr. President”

Gordon Ramsay For President

Ya know, the service and what they are feeding us these days really stinks

I really don’t watch TV news anymore; I’m afraid I no longer find listening to twisted truths and lies to be very informative. I ‘m also not into sexual deviance, murders, dysfunctional families or God and Christian bashing either. So I really don’t watch very much TV at all these days.

Now some might think this leaves me at a disadvantage when it comes to picking the best person to vote for, when it comes to choosing our next president. However, one of the few shows on TV that I do find to be worth watching and helpful in deciding my choice is Kitchen Nightmares, starring Gordon Ramsay.

It is one of the best shows on TV and it explains, and actually demonstrates, how and why our country is going out of business and what has to be done if we wish to save it.

On the show, the root of the problem always lies with the owners of the business. If applied to our country, the owners would be us, the American People.

You see, somewhere along the line the owners lost their passion to see their once successful business continue to succeed and grow. At some point, they’ve turned the decision making operation and management of the business over to their “employees.” In our business, that would be the president, congress and federal employees. (Who, by the way, can even grab your granny’s crotch these days, if that’s what they feel like doing.)

Anyway…The show starts with Gordon reviewing the general appearance of the business by himself. After that, the first thing he does is to meet with the actual owners to determine the current financial condition of their business and the owner’s actual commitment to the success of the enterprise.

In every instance, the owners’ report that they are going broke due to the loss of revenues and almost all of their patrons, plus the inability to attract new patrons.

Next, he orders a few items from the menu to determine the timeliness of the service and quality of the products being offered. That always turns out to be slow service and exceptionally horrible product. (just like dealing with our present government)

Next, he observes the people who are supposedly working for the business… A manager (professional politician) who is not managing, just collecting his check and bellowing a lot) and a fed up disgusted service and cooking staff, some of who are actually good workers, who have be driven to no longer care about the business. (government employees). The result; employees doing what ever they feel like doing, when ever they feel doing it.

Next, he inspects the kitchen and raw material storage area… Neglect, filth and rot galore. Afterwards, he immediately orders a total clean out scrub down.

Last but not least, he reviews the size of the lengthy menu and the offerings on it, only to find out that they are offering everything from pizza to chow mien; Beef Wellington, and even tire and oil changes. (just like the amount of products our government offers and can’t really produce with any quality)

Finally, Gordon goes to work. First, he inspires the owners to take charge of their business and employees, and to be responsible for the products they are producing and serving. Next he changes the décor and theme of the business to fit the local community and produces a smaller focused menu that the kitchen staff can manage and take pride in. After that, he inspires the kitchen and service staff to communicate with each other and take pride in their individual responsilbiies and the business itself. Those who are not interested in partaking in the success of the business and who prefer to continue doing things the old way (like our incumbents) quickly become history.

The show always ends with a very successful, although a little bumpy, reopening and Gordon riding off into the sunset. (Kind of like George Washington and Cincinnatus).

Now, I don’t think Gordon is interested in running for president, even if we were to get him one of those Hawaiian birth certificates. Then again, I’m afraid even if he did decide to run the media would quickly fill the airwaves with a few of those restaurants that he had tried to revitalize which ended up failing. You see Gordon never guarantees utilmate continued success, he only demonstrates to the owners that success is possible if one puts in the passion and effort.

Now one might say, “Well those are just restaurants, one person can’t change the direction of a corrupted failing government.” Well, if you take a look at what Chris Christy is doing in New Jersey, you’ll see that you could be wrong about that. However, if you want to a see a real case history of it working, watch The Undefeated…the REAL non fiction Sarah Palin story. You can get if from Netflix. You’ll be amazed what one honest decent person can do.

Source : http://www.patheos.com/blogs/bristolpalin/2012/07/i-built-this-mr-president/