Fact Check: Is A U.S. Attorney Pursuing Treason Charges Against Obama?

“The U.S. district attorney has announced that he will be pursuing charges of treason against the former President Barack Obama,” a false headline from Averific ran over the weekend.

Sites such as Tea Party dot org, Conservative Fighters, US News Network, Daily Insider News, and so on (and on and on) shared this false news last year, incorrectly stating that Dana Boente, who was appointed by President Obama as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, was pursuing charges of treason against Obama. Not a lick of this is true.

The hoax states correctly that Obama signed an executive order one week before Trump took office that removed Boente from the line of succession to become the attorney general if the sitting attorney general dies, resigns, or becomes incapacitated. Trump reversed this EO just a few weeks into his presidency. Unfortunately, this is the only correct information in the piece.

Averific re-upped this hoax on its website, causing it to reappear on Facebook. Users quickly questioned the validity of the article. Perhaps its mention of the “Deep State” (or the random italicization of text throughout) tipped them off.

“It’s widely believed that Obama, along with Hillary Clinton, is working with the Deep State in a bid to overthrow Trump’s presidency by inciting riots across America which Boente considers to be an act of domestic terrorism.”

The piece also said (and this is a personal fake-news favorite) that “Obama will command an army of agitators from a bunker less than two miles from the White House” falsely citing the New York Post as its source. Apparently this secret Obama-led “army” numbers around 30,000.

Averific closes the hoax article with a made-up quote it attributes to Lou Dobbs, which has also appeared on sites like Angry Patriot Movement.

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Source : http://www.weeklystandard.com/fact-check-is-a-u.s.-attorney-pursuing-treason-charges-against-obama/article/2011659

Fact Check: Is A U.S. Attorney Pursuing Treason Charges Against Obama?

Source:ABC News

Fact Check: Is A U.S. Attorney Pursuing Treason Charges Against Obama?