Jacob Zuma Quits As President Of South Africa

Cyril Ramaphosa formally became South Africa's new president on Thursday following the resignation of scandal-tarnished Jacob Zuma.

A protégé of Nelson Mandela, Ramaphosa is the county's fifth ruler since the end of apartheid in 1994.

Zuma, who had been in office since 2009, had refused to relinquish his grip on power for more than a week. But with a no-confidence vote looming in parliament, the 75-year-old succumbed to pressure and resigned on Wednesday night.


Ramaphosa's first task will be to deliver a state of the nation address that had been postponed during the political turmoil.

"I will work very hard not to disappoint the people of South Africa," the new president told lawmakers Thursday. He pledged to serve "with humility and dignity."

Ramaphosa grew up in Soweto, Johannesburg’s notoriously impoverished segregated township. He became one of South Africa’s richest men after the end of white-minority rule, but his toughest years may lie ahead.