Park Board Discusses Attendance Issues, Soccer Complex

ENID, Okla. — An Enid Park Board member resigned Tuesday, citing frustration with board members missing meetings and resulting in a lack of quorum.

Carmen Ball submitted a letter of resignation at the time the meeting was to start, but prior to it being called to order.

Five members of the eight-member board constitute a required quorum to hold a meeting, but a number of meetings over the past year have not been held due to fewer than five members in attendance.

City of Enid Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Boehm said the lack of quorum for meetings has been frustrating for him because city employees get an agenda together and show up for a meeting that is not held.

Tammy Wilson, city commission representative on the board, said those not attending need to be removed from the board.

Some of the frequently absent board members’ terms expire in March, the board learned.

Wilson asked that an item be put on the Feb. 22 city commission meeting agenda to consider removing the absent members and appoint new members so there will be a quorum for the meeting in March.

Board Chair Matthew Davis called the meeting to order, and Ball moved to sit in the audience.

It was then noted there was not a quorum.

Ball said she could make the resignation effective for after the meeting, and it proceeded with her as a member.

Davis said Ball may even want to think about her resignation now that she knows action would be taken to solve the problem.

“You going to come to meetings Matt (Davis)?” Ball questioned.

Davis said he is in attendance 90 percent of the time, but acknowledged he had missed a couple.

“I’m still good with my decision,” Ball said.

‘They are not working together’

In talking with Enid Soccer Club officials, Boehm said he does not know if the club will be able to afford to play at a new multimillion dollar soccer complex to be constructed near the intersection of Rupe and Garland, south of the Walmart Supercenter in west Enid.

“They are not working together, they’re actually clashing,” he told the board, referring to Enid Soccer Club and Enid Sports Association.

Wilson said she thinks Enid Sports Association officials don’t care because there will be traveling teams that will play on the new fields.

“It’s for travel teams. It’s not for the recreation league of this town. It’s for people from other communities. It’s to bring people here,” Boehm said.

Wilson said it needs to be made affordable for “home people” to play.

“That was the whole conversation that we had about that, it needed to be something that our people could use,” she said.

Boehm said “there’s a big rift within that organization and the people that are developing this new soccer club.”

Wilson said the city wants facilities to attract people.

“The city runs on sales tax revenue. We want people to come here and spend their money, and then go do whatever else, but we should not be advocating for facilities that are not willing to work with our local clubs,” she said.

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